Get Reliable Cash for Diamond Jewelry Online

November 2, 2011

As the world forges further into the Information Age, people around the globe are finding that the rate at which they can attain information has grown exponentially in the past twenty years. The information that used to take hours, days, and sometimes weeks to obtain can be found in mere seconds with the Internet so easily available to record amounts of Americans. With every passing year, Internet service is getting better, search engines are becoming more efficient, and more and more information is being placed online. With all of these developments in placing as little fuss between people and the information they seek, Americans are finding that their time has become much more valuable.

This has influenced online commerce in a particular strong manner. More and more people every day are finding that conducting their transactions online is the best option, not only for simple convenience, but because the time they save can be spent on something else. This is why many Americans who are looking to sell diamond jewelry have consistently turned to CJ Environmental. CJ Environmental has accommodated this desire for speedy and effective online transactions better than all of their competitors for over a decade, and this has led to CJ Environmental’s designation as one of the most trusted websites to get cash for diamond jewelry, old or new.

Those who are looking to receive cash for their diamond jewelry will be pleased to know that the entire process is simple and easy. One must simply fill out a short form at CJ Environmental’s web page, and a free Fedex shipping label will be emailed within 24 hours. Not only is shipping free, but the package will be insured by a third party for the package’s estimated value. The customer is issued a tracking number to further ensure that the customer is never left in the dark, and CJ Environmental will notify the customer once the package has been received.

The value of the package will be based on the weight and purity of the metals and/or diamonds sent, and the opening prices on the day of the melt. If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the estimate, they have a full fourteen days from the date the check was issued to return it and receive their materials in the mail. CJ Environmental has a 100% satisfaction guarantee in all of their dealings, further minimizing the need to worry.

As one of the most trusted commerce website for selling diamond jewelry, gold, or silver, CJ Environmental caters to the modern person who highly values his or her time. CJ Environmental will make sure that a person’s time is not wasted, and that the amount of cash they receive for their diamond jewelry is not compromised in the process.



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