Recycle E-Scrap for Quick Cash

March 13, 2012

Rather than throwing out your old computer monitors, why not consider recycling your electronic scrap? Old electronic items, which have been improperly disposed of, end up adding hazardous waste to our already-limited landfills. Rather than trashing your old computers, phones, chords, and adapters, try to monopolize on the current high demand for e-scrap recycling and refinery. Even something as small as a broken wire can be made useful again, by companies that specialize in recycling electronic scrap.

There is a lot of controversy concerning the refining and recycling of electronic scrap. It can be difficult to determine which companies are the most trustworthy, in terms of honoring the value of your electronic scrap and following the environmental guidelines set down by the EPA. Why not make some of the top dollar you spent on that computer, when it was the newest and fastest technology available on the market, and turn your electronic scrap into cash? Cash in on the electronic investments that you once made, but no longer want or need. Request a free estimate of the value of your e-scrap today. It is fast and easy. By simply filling out a form online, you can receive the free Fedex shipping label. Rest assured! Your electronic scrap shipment will be insured, to protect yourself from loss or damage.

It can be unsettling to sell things via the internet, but companies like CJ Environmental have worked in the refining business for many years and have catered to both the private and public sector, since 1975. With an international reputation for excellence within the refinery realm, you can sit easy, knowing that you are not being swindled or sending your electronic scrap off through the mail, never to see it again or never to receive your check. CJ Environmental provides services for Fortune 500 corporations, large manufacturers, small generators, and the general public.

The best bet, when determining who to sell your e-scrap to, is to look for a company which turns over high volumes of electronic scrap each day. At CJ Environmental, the daily amounts of electronics processed and refined is much higher than its competitors. This means you will be offered the most bang for your buck. CJ Environmental has been established in the business for so long, it can afford to offer the highest payout that your electronics are worth in the current market.

Whether you are selling your e-scrap from the public or private sector, CJ Environmental guarantees to refine your e-scrap in both an efficient and environmentally safe fashion. If you have anything from printed circuit boards, gold plated circuit board scrap, processors, computer chips, mixed scrap integrated Circuits (IC Chips), Semiconductors, or Sorted Integrated Circuits (IC Chips), mother boards, cell phones, transistors, pager boards, Pentium Processors, Eproms, and many more electronic materials, then do not allow your electronic scrap to turn into electronic waste – whether it be in your garage or a landfill. Profit from your e-scrap. It has never been easier to get paid cash for doing the planet a favor and recycling.

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