States Move Against Electronic Scrap Waste

March 20, 2012

The electronics industry is always making new advances and putting new products on the market. Consumers are constantly upgrading their cell phones, computers, televisions, and mp3 players to the latest and greatest products, but rarely do they think about where their old products are going. If an item is particularly old or broken, it might be instinctual to simply throw it out, but most electronic items contain elements that are harmful to the environment. If electronic waste is improperly disposed of in a landfill, it can leach toxins into the ground, polluting water sources and damaging ecosystems. The large amount of electronic waste generated in America means that pollution from electronic waste could potentially devastate our environment.

Many state governments are addressing the threat that electronic waste poses to both public health and the earth by developing laws to stop the damage. But these laws vary considerably across the United States, and many of them are ineffective. Some states prohibit dumping electronic waste but fail to provide an easy and free way to recycle it, prompting residents to illegally dump their waste. Others have programs where they outsource to private electronic waste recycling companies, but while many of those companies are legitimate, several just ship the waste off to third world countries. Shipping electronic waste to developing countries causes even more destruction to the earth, because they don’t have the means to properly dispose of it.

Recycling electronic waste is not only helpful to the environment, but also very lucrative. Many electronic items contain gold, copper, or silver, and with just a little technological know-how, you can make major cash for electronic scrap. Market prices are high for precious metals, and the overabundance of electronic waste means that people who are harvesting metals from old electronics can make huge profits while they’re going green. There are many online tutorials that explain how to harvest electronic scrap from old or broken electronics, so with just a little research and practice, you could be headed straight to the bank.

If you’re looking to get cash for electronic scrap, look no further than CJ Environmental. We pay you the most cash for your electronic scrap, satisfaction guaranteed. Shipping is always fast and free, and our quick turnover rate ensures that your check will be in the mail before you know it. Our expert refiners are able to extract the most precious metal from your scrap, which means more money in your pocket. CJ Environmental complies with the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for recycling, so you can rest easy knowing that our recycling process is up to date and eco-friendly.

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