Efectivo Por Oro

The vast majority of the CJ Environmental-associated precious gold and metal buying outlets are associated with English speakers. While this is a profitable venture for both those who choose to sell to CJ Environmental as well as for the company itself, it does exclude a great deal of the population of these regions – did you know that the United States is statistically the second most populous Spanish speaking country in the world? Efectivo Por Oro is one way that CJ Environmental is branching out into the Spanish-speaking market a bit. We believe that easy gold selling shouldn’t only be available to those who operate best in English!

Other than the fact that Efectivo Por Oro is the way that CJ Environmental is seeking to make life easier for those who name Spanish as their mother tongue to sell gold, the rest of the site functions exactly the same as Cash for Gold USA. You can still contact the site and we will send you a free GOLDPAK so that you can send us your gold shipment with total confidence. The prepaid insured GOLDPAK can be tracked through the code printed on the envelope – this way you can be sure that your shipment will get to us. Once we receive your gold, an expert appraiser will determine its worth and then we will either deposit a payment in your PayPal account or cut you a paper check, whichever you prefer.

Sometimes people are dissatisfied with their cash settlements through Efectivo Por Oro, and this is completely fine! Simply contact us within ten business days of the date on your check or your PayPal deposit, and we will send you your shipment back with no strings attached.

For those who prefer their business dealings in Spanish but would like to sell their cash for gold online, Efective Por Oro is a great choice. We hope to work with you soon!