Get Cash for your Film Scrap: Industrial and Medical X-Rays and Lithographic Film



At CJ Environmental, North America’s largest film scrap refiner, we buy more than just traditional precious metals. We love to offer our customers profitable recycling solutions, and that’s why we also accept film scrap and lithographic film, in addition to all the other types of silver items we accept. With CJ Environmental, you can’t go wrong. Not only do we buy almost anything which contains silver, but we’ll pay you more than our competitors, and quickly too. Weighed and paid within 24 hours!


Film Scrap: Industrial X-Rays, Medical X-Rays, Dental X-Rays and more!


Sell film scrap x-rayIf you’re making the transition from analog film to digital images, you probably have boxes full of unwanted and unusable film scrap taking up space in your place of business. Instead of adding these boxes to the countless landfills across the United States, you can dispose of them safely and responsibly by sending them to CJ Environmental and get cash for that film scrap.

The dark areas of the film negative are where the silver is contained, so remember: the darker the better. All film scrap sent to us should fall under one (or both) of these categories: common 4-mil silver bearing scrap, litho negatives or virgin/unused film. There is no need to discard that film scrap when there is money to be made, so send them to us today and wait for that check! It’s as easy as that!


We Also Accept Lithographic Film


lithographic film scrapCJ Environmental also accepts lithographic film, used in the printing industry to house the negatives of publications to be printed. Any printer who regularly utilizes lithographic printing is sure to accumulate large amounts of lithographic film scrap. Most printing businesses with excess lithographic film scrap tend to throw their film scrap away or dispose of them in way with no monetary return. Now, thanks to CJ Environmental, those with lithographic film negatives can be well on their way towards enjoying extra cash for their business!


What We DO NOT Accept


While we accept almost every kind of film scrap and lithographic film scrap, we do not accept the following types of film: paper-based film, film attached to any other material, polymer or other types of plastic print plates. If you have these items, please do not send them to us as we cannot accept them.


Our Guarantee


In addition to accepting so many silver items, CJ Environmental is a leader in the cash for silver industry and has earned a reputation for the biggest payouts. We back our promises with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee: if you aren’t completely satisfied with the amount we offer, we will gladly return your items.

So if you have film scrap, lithographic or otherwise, what are you waiting for? If you want cash to recycle your film scrap, send it to CJ Environmental! The process is simple: request a shipping label, send us your items, and wait for your check!


Strict 50 lb minimum applies. For Large Loads (500 lbs +), contact our corporate office at (781) 784-0000 and we’ll help you make complimentary shipping arrangements!