Sterling Silverware

Sterling SilverwareAt CJ Environmental, we buy sterling silverware of any condition, and we’ll pay you for it. Sterling silverware is the general term used to describe flatware and serving pieces made of sterling silver. “Sterling silver” is the term used for materials that are made up of at least 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent “other materials,” usually copper or zinc. By simply inspecting your sterling silver flatware and silver pieces, you should be able to determine the purity of your items. It is a law in most countries for the purity to be imprinted on any silver item.

Refining your silver items with CJ Environmental is safe and free. Not only do we cover all costs produced by shipping and processing your sterling silverware, but we also give you the option of tracking your items while in the mail. As soon as we receive your items in the mail, we will notify you to assure the safety of your items.

The value of your items will be based upon weight and purity, and we promise 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you have unwanted sterling silverware, request a quote and send them to CJ Environmental.