It’s no secret that the price of precious metals is the highest it’s been in recent history. Thousands of people just like you are cashing in on these unbelievable prices and are walking away with hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from these transactions. While you might be aware that gold is a hot item on the market right now, did you know that diamonds are also fetching record-high prices?

If you happen to have any old, broken, unwanted, or antique pieces of jewelry that contain diamonds, you stand to make a lot of money by selling them. However, the problem with selling these items in the local market is that you won’t make as much profit as you could – when you sell to a jeweler or a pawnshop, these institutions take a cut from your sale before they turn around and resell your wares to a refinery. What if there was a way that you could skip the middleman and get rates normally reserved to customers of refineriea?

With Cash for Diamonds USA, this is entirely possible. Cash for Diamonds USA is part of CJ Environmental, which is one of the nation’s leading refineries for precious metals and stones. We process so much gold, silver, and diamond ore that we can extend the same prices to our individual customers as we do to the larger bulk sellers. With Cash for Diamonds USA, you’ll make incredible profit and you won’t even have to leave your home to do it!

Simply contact us here at Cash for Diamonds USA, and we will send you an insured shipping package free of cost. You can ship your diamonds to us with total confidence – the tracking number on the envelope lets you follow your shipment until it reaches our constantly monitored facility. Once here, an expert diamond appraiser will determine the worth of your item – including the worth of the precious metal setting — and send you an offer that very same day. If you’re satisfied with your offer simply ACCEPT it and we will rush you payment, if not, decline and we will return your items immediately.

Cash for Diamonds USA is all about making the process of selling diamonds as transparent and user-friendly as possible. We look forward to working with you!