With electronics coming in and out of relevance there are millions of extra computer chips that need to be e-cycled, recycled and salvaged for their valuable gold, silver and copper parts. Too often are computer chips left to rot in landfills across the country, as many of these chips contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the groundwater. A better option is to recycle your computer chips by sending them to CJ Environmental.

CJ Environmental is one of the best-known bulk electronics processors, and has a 60,000 square foot warehouse to separate and handle large-scale shipments of computer chips and other electronic scrap parts. CJ Environmental is one of the most respected metal scrap companies with over 35 years in the business and more than 250,000 customers served. We handle Intel’s Pentium Pro Processors and Intel’s 386/486 /186/ 286, Pentium 1, Pentium 2, Pentium 3, Pentium 4 and gold plated CPUs and chips for gold recycling. We also accept plastic/ fiber CPUs and Slot 1 type CPUs.  These can be old or new, working or nonworking CPUs.

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