Technology is booming. Every day, a new gadget comes out on the market, making our old gadgets obsolete. Unfortunately, this trend has lead to an estimated 50 million tons of electronic scrap (or “e-scrap”) being committed to our earth’s landfills every year. Not only do these old electronics take up space, but they also release toxic chemicals into our precious water systems.

The Solution to E-Waste

Recycle Your ElectronicsDon’t contribute to this pandemic. CJ Environmental, the industry leader in the recovery and refining of precious metals, has established a local electronic and local computer recycling center in Sharon, Massachusetts to assist you with your electronic waste recycling needs. In addition to safely and responsibly recycling your old electronics, CJ Environmental also offers you cash returns for your recycled items.

So how do you make money for saving the earth? Just schedule an appointment with CJ Environmental’s drop off computer recycling center by calling 781-784-0000. At the center, you will simply hand over your electronic goods to one of CJ’s friendly representatives. You will be weighed & paid on the spot and leave that same day with a check in your hand and the satisfaction of having made a difference.

CJ Environmental Recycles Old Electronic Equipment

CJ Environmental is happy to help you recycle your old technological devices, including computers, cell phones, pager boards, motherboards, hard drive boards, low grade boards, eproms, semiconductors, transistors, and much more.

CJ Environmental is 100% committed to properly recycling your electronic waste. Our local electronic recycling centers comply with Part 264 of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Title 40 CFR for reducing environmental impact. Preserving our planet at providing the best possible service to our customers are our top priorities.

CJ Environmental is more than happy to pay you for your contributions to a healthier environment. So what are you waiting for? Save the earth and make money doing it. Contact CJ Environmental today!