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Q: Where do I ship my material?
A: Your material will ship to our corporate office at:

15 Dan Road
Suite 150
Canton MA 02021

Q: Do you purchase gold jewelry scrap?
A: Yes we do. We offer unsurpassed returns on all of our gold refining. If you are a pawn shop looking to liquidate, please request a quote. If you are a general consumer, and you’re looking to sell your gold, silver or diamond jewelry, Rolex watches, or gold or silver coins, please visit Cash for Gold USA and we will provide you with complimentary shipping.

Q: Where can I sell gold and silver coins?
A: We purchase all coins including silver eagles and offer incredible returns on all precious coins due to the shear volume of business we conduct. And we accept material from anywhere in the United States or Canada, and will arrange complimentary, insured shipping along with a free pickup service. For large quantities of coins (Over 5,000 ounces of silver, or 100 ounces of gold) please request a quote, otherwise you can visit Cash for Silver USA or Cash for Gold USA for the fastest service.

Q: Do you purchase medical x-rays and lithographs?
A: Yes, we can put quote together for you. Please Request a quote on our system and complete all the details and one of our team members will reach out to you asap.

Q: What type of electronic scrap do you purchase and refine?
A: Mother Boards, Daughter Boards, Telecomm Boards, Hard Drive Boards, Low Grade Boards, Misc Comm Boards, Backplanes, Cell Phones (Without Batteries), Pager Boards , Green Boards (No components), Transistors, Mixed Scrap Integrated Circuits (IC chips), Sorted Integrated Circuit (IC chips), Memory (RAM), EProms w/Gold Face, Eproms, 386/486 Processors, AMD Processors, Pentium Processors, Miscellaneous Mixed Ceramic Processors, Slot Processors, Semiconductors, Gold Finger Scrap, Gold Plated Circuit Board Scrap, Populated Circuit Board, SIM Scrap / Smart Card Scrap

Q: How is pricing determined when selling electronic scrap?
A:Pricing varies based on who manufacturers the electronic components is, the volume or quantity you are selling along with the condition of those items in certain cases. It is difficult to appraise the value of large quantities of electronics without visually inspecting the items or processing them, refining them and then assaying the end result. In order to get the most accurate quote, provide your sales representative with pictures of your equipment along with the estimated quantity.

Q: Do you purchase silver plated items or gold plated items?
A: No. We do not purchase silver plated items or gold plated items.

Q: How do I know whether or not what I have is Silver or Sterling Silver?
A: Typically silver has a “hallmark.” Search for a marking that either reads “925” or “800” or “Sterling” or “SS” (you may need to use a magnifying glass). If your material doesn’t have any of these markings but you think it may contain silver please ship it to us to allow our experts do an appraisal.  Silver coins do not bear these markings.

Q: Do you buy diamonds?
A: Diamonds USA buys diamonds. If your material contains diamonds we will have them appraised and offer you our most competitive price. Your offer will be determined by the quality, color and carat of your diamond(s) as well as the current market demands. We do not offer a stone removal service.

Q: What type of payment options do you offer?
A: We offer payments in most cases within 24 hours of receipt of materials by check, PayPal or Bank Wire (for payments over $25,000.00 USD).

Q: Is it safe to ship dental scrap through the mail or FedEx?
A: As long as you siphon off all fluids, and securely seal your dental scrap (gold and silver colored crowns, bridges, PFM’s, PFG’s, inlays, etc.) shipping is not a problem. Please contact us if you’d like us to provide you with a container or complimentary shipping for your material. Once your material is received, you will be sent an offer electronically which you can accept or decline. If you accept the offer, we will rush you payment. If you decline, we will return your material free of charge.