Loose DiamondsAs a leading buyer and refiner of all kinds of precious materials, from electronic parts to gold and silver, CJ Environmental experts are highly trained in recognizing the many factors that make loose diamonds valuable. When measuring worth, we separate every loose diamond that comes through our lab, and we use the latest technological advances for complete measuring accuracy. Knowing your returns rely on our appraisals, we are committed to serving our clients fairly and accurately. We use every possible resource to correctly assess the value of the loose diamonds you send in, resulting in the highest payouts for our customers.

Gems occasionally fall out of place from various pieces of jewelry. If this has happened to you, don’t fret! Those loose diamonds still have potential for earning you cash, and CJ Environmental would love to help. Our highly professional premises has the capacity for any shipment, so even if you have a full pound of loose diamonds lying around, ship them to us and our diamond connoisseurs will be thrilled to examine every single one with the same amount of care.

Furthermore, our buying policy guarantees that all shipping costs are covered with no hidden fees or commissions, so you can feel secure in dealing with an exceptionally professional and ethical company. Send in those loose diamonds today, and see how our specialized expertise earns you the payment you deserve.