Sell Silver CoinsWhether the collection began as a childhood obsession or is something a bit more recent, CJ Environmental will pay you cash for them. We buy all silver coins, regardless of their denomination, country, condition or country of origin. If your coins contain silver, we’ll accept them and pay you based on the current market price of silver. We also buy other items made from precious metals.

CJ Environmental is one of the most reputable silver refineries and has been in the industry for over thirty years. Whether you have one silver coin or a collection of one hundred, we will accept them. CJ Environmental has the capacity for any job, regardless of the size or location. Additionally, we cover all costs associated with the shipping and processing of your silver coins. By selling your silver coins to CJ Environmental, you won’t have to pay a cent out of pocket.

So what are you waiting for? If you have silver coins taking up space, request a quote today.