Porcelain Fused MetalsWhile dental crowns of the past have been constructed of gold and silver, the newest technology is porcelain fused metals, also referred to as PFMs. PFMs are chosen for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they are aesthetically pleasing. If dental crowns are to be used towards the front of the mouth, where gold and silver can easily be spotted and detract from the “beauty” of one’s mouth, PFMs are often used.

While PFMs are more attractive than their gold and silver counterparts, they often do not last quite as long. If you find that your practice has an excessive amount of scrap PFMs, send them to us at CJ Environmental. At CJ Environmental, we accept all kinds of dental scrap. We also accept other types of precious metals, from silver contacts, silverware and even PFMs and dental crowns.

We are a very reputable business in the industry, with over thirty years of experience. We cover all costs associated with the shipping and processing of your PFMs, and allow for you to track your shipment while in the mail. We tailor our programs to meet our clients’ needs, and are happy to offer you assistance in every step of the process. Start the process today by requesting a quote.