Our current society is defined by technology. With the constant inundation of new inventions, models, and designs, it pays to learn how to maximize current techno offerings. This is especially true of Arduino technology, an innovative development that originated in Italy in 2005 and has since blown up all over the world.

What is Arduino?

Arduino microcontrollers are extraordinarily easy-to-use open source boards, which make up the foundation of most electronic DIY projects, from artistic to robotic and beyond. Particularly in the realm of artists, designers, and educational electronics, Arduino is king. What this groundbreaking technology essentially does is tie together certain functions in electronics.

This works by using exposed connectors to allow add-on modules, or shields, to communicate with the CPU board. For example, an Arduino microcontroller can be responsible for features like a beeping sound made by an electric coffee maker or an automated system which opens or shuts your curtains at the touch of a button. Pretty useful, right?

Sell Arduino Boards for CashPhoto by: David Mellis | Flickr.com


It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Best of all, this kind of hardware contains all kinds of valuable materials just waiting to be scrapped and sold for cash. These include:
Copper board – this forms the basis of the Arduino board. Luckily for those trying to make money, copper prices are on the rise, due to their prevalent use in electronics and electric devices.

Wiring – wires in circuit boards of all kinds are valuable, especially in bulk. They generally contain precious metals, like copper, silver, and even gold in some cases.

Capacitors, resistors, plugs, and voltage regulators – all of these components, albeit rather small, typically contain alloys with nickel, iron, and other conductive metals that can be sold for surprising values.
Arduino boards are fairly easy to construct and take apart. Once you’ve dismantled and organized all of your parts, they’re ready to be sold to refineries, where they are recycled into new parts and electronics, earning you quick cash. Keep in mind that for small devices, like Arduino microcontrollers, it is better to collect as many as possible before selling, as buyers are typically looking for larger sales.

In scrapping and selling electronic and Arduino parts, you are not only making money, you’re helping the environment and paving the way for a more efficient system of production, and that is what CJ Environmental is all about! Sell us those parts for the best cash returns on the market. Happy scrapping!