Diamond JewelryEveryone has jewelry sitting in a drawer or box somewhere that they haven’t glanced at in years. If you share this common experience, don’t let it gather dust – ship all of those valuable diamond pieces over to CJ Environmental, where we guarantee the highest degree of care and integrity in our examination of your diamond jewelry.

From rings and necklaces to bracelets and brooches, old, new, broken or unimpaired, our seasoned diamond experts utilize all the latest and best methods in the industry to perfectly appraise every one of your items. Thirty years in the business have given us a world of experience, not only in knowledge and proficiency regarding these rare stones, but also in professionalism, fairness, and morality in our customer relations.

Our diamond specialists carefully inspect features like clarity, grades of polish and symmetry, purity of color, clear cuts that enhance light saturation, depth, and carat value. Every aspect of the Gemological Institute of America’s criteria is taken into great consideration so that you can receive the highest cash return amount we can give.

Everyone knows that diamonds are timeless. No matter what the state of your jewelry, CJ Environmental is keen to put them under a microscope and assess all those elements that make them sparkle with that one-of-a-kind light. Send us your diamond jewelry and reap the cash rewards that CJ Environmental can provide you as one of the country’s leading diamond and precious metal refiners.