One of the growing markets in the United States, due the astronomic rise in gold prices, is gold plated circuit board scrap. More people are opting to sell their gold plated circuit board scrap to major companies instead of leaving them to sit in garbage dumps and leach harmful chemicals into the groundwater.

CJ Environmental has been one of the nation’s leaders in processing gold plated circuit board scrap, and has been working with precious metals and electronic scrap for the last 35 years. Gold plated circuit board scrap can be found in cell phones, computers and other electronics. If you or your company has bulk gold plated circuit board scrap, contact CJ Environmental immediately for some of the best trading prices in the industry.

  • Connects from RAM to CPU
  • RAM contains GOLD (Au) plated connectors.
  • RAM is valuable because of its gold, platinum, and palladium content.


gold plated circuit boards