While you may know that CJ Environmental, one of the leading precious metal refineries in the country, accepts gold and silver items in return for cash, many are unaware that we also accept large volumes of your company’s dated or broken assorted electronics. From image capturing devices, like camcorders and digital cameras, to everyday use items, like laptops and cell phones, CJ Environmental can take virtually any electronic device off of your company’s hands and turn them into a check.

With the average age of a laptop being about five years and with most cell-phones needing replacement every couple of years, it may be time for a company-wide technology upgrade. You don’t want to lose business to dated technology. At CJ Environmental, turning old and unwanted assorted electronic items into cold hard cash is as easy as 1-2-3. We accept electronics in all conditions, and we guarantee your old electronic items will be safely recycled in accordance with EPA standards.

If the alarming state of electronic waste in our earth’s precious reserves is not enough to convince you to recycle your old assorted electronics, maybe our guarantee of the highest cash returns is. So if you are looking to make some extra cash to put towards new technology for the office, make some quickly by trading in your old assorted electronics at CJ Environmental. While doing a good thing for the environment should be retribution enough, isn’t getting a check even better?