Electronic Waste LandfillOur current generation is defined by technological advancements. We want the fastest of the fast, the smartest of the smart, and the newest of the new. We browse CNET for reviews of the latest Androids; we wait in early morning lines at the Apple Store. Of course, once we’ve got our fancy new gadgets, our old devices get thrown into closets, basements, or cardboard boxes labeled “miscellaneous.” While this might be an acceptable temporary solution, what happens when this collection starts to build? And on a larger scale, what happens with corporations who have entire high-rises filled with obsolete technological equipment?


A Growing Problem


Electronic scrap, or e-scrap, is a growing global concern. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 50 million tons of e-waste is being improperly disposed of each year, and America is the number one contributor to this toxic waste. CJ Environmental, the industry leader in the recovery and refining of precious metals, is dedicated to improving America’s e-scrap problem as quickly and effectively as possible.


Free and Eco-Friendly Computer Recycling


electronic recyclingThrough our Safe Computer Recycling for Free program, CJ Environmental provides a simple and reliable method for recycling your and your company’s old computers and technological devices. Not only do we assure that your old technology will be properly recycled, but we offer cash for your contributions to a better earth. All you have to do is fill out the necessary form to receive a free FedEx shipping label, send in your electronic scrap, and wait for your check to arrive in the mail.

CJ Environmental’s recycling methods comply with Part 264 of the EPA’s Title 40 CFR, which means they contribute minimal environmental impact. This kind of safe disposal not only reduces the amount of e-scrap in our landfills, but also reduces the amount of toxic metals that can seep from the electronics and into our waterways and water supplies. Many electronic scrap recyclers will offer you cash for your old electronics, but not all of them will guarantee our level of dedication to protecting the environment. At CJ Environmental, we put the environment and the customer first.


We Offer Recycling for Almost All Electronic Waste


CJ Environmental offers safe and free recycling for old computers, cell phones, pager boards, eproms, semiconductors, transistors, motherboards, hard drive boards, low grade boards, and a variety of other materials, which can be found in a list on this page. Our services are available for individuals and small to large businesses. We offer free services and quick cash returns!

If you’re looking to safely recycle old computers, contact CJ Environmental for the most environmentally-friendly, reliable, and lucrative free computer recycling program. Fill out the form on our “Prepare Shipment” page to receive your free FedEx shipping label to begin recycling today. At CJ Environmental, we look forward to getting taking care of your recycling and paying you for it!


If you are as committed to protecting the environment as we are, send us your old computers and electronic scrap for safe and responsible disposal. What are you waiting for? Recycle with CJ Environmental today!