Diamond RingsWouldn’t you rather enjoy a generous check than leave your old diamond rings lying around in storage or at the bottom of a rarely opened jewelry box? No matter what the reason for not wearing them – whether it’s divorce, inheritance, a gift that just doesn’t suit your personal taste, or something you just happened to find – those diamond rings deserve to find a new life somewhere, and even more importantly, you deserve to let go of them and earn some cash along the way.

CJ Environmental is here to help you part with those items and gain the highest monetary rewards you can get anywhere in the industry. A leading refiner of gold, silver, platinum, electronic materials, and of course, diamonds, our company employs only the top experts in the precious stone field. These employees are totally committed to analyzing your diamond rings with the utmost integrity. Each stone is cautiously handled and scrutinized under a microscope for all the variables that affect its value.

From color and cut to carat and clarity, diamonds are some of the most minute and beautiful art forms on earth. With this in mind, the specialists at CJ Environmental’s facilities care deeply about your precious gems. They have the passion, experience, and abilities to evaluate every tiny detail of your diamonds to the most miniscule cuts or degrees of light and symmetry, affording you the highest possible payments. On top of that, we cover any and all shipping costs so you can rest easy, rid your home of extra clutter, and earn some extra cash by sending in your diamond rings today.