If your business is hyper mobile and always on-the-go, you probably rely on laptop technology. In this case, you probably already know that laptop technology is constantly advancing, and even with the best care and attention to detail, most laptops only last between 3-6 years. What this means for your company: you are constantly buying and disposing of new laptops. Instead of losing money on these regular upgrades, why not make some? And why not save the earth while doing it?

Now, thanks to CJ Environmental, your company can recycle those old laptops, as well as any old hard drives, for cold hard cash. If doing something good for the environment isn’t reward enough, doesn’t being rewarded with a hefty check sound great?

If you’d like to trade in your old and outdated technology for a check to be used towards your next company-wide purchase of newer generation laptops or hard drives, we can help. All you have to do is send us your items and wait for a check in the mail. At CJ Environmental, we offer the highest payouts in the industry, due in part to the massive amount of items we receive every day from companies just like yours around the country.

Sell Laptops for Cash