CJ has a 35-year history of buying high-grade electrical metal scrap such as printed circuit boards. Electronics often contain harmful chemicals such as mercury, cadmium and lead, and disposing of them in landfills can cause those chemicals to leach into groundwater. Instead of throwing away junk electronics, contribute to the preservation of the environment by salvaging those printed circuit boards for cash.

The gold, thin copper foil, and silver which is used for conductivity in circuit boards, can be sold to a metals liquidator such as CJ Environmental for top dollar. All electronics have circuit boards including computers, computer motherboards, video boards, audio boards, network cards, scrap desktop computers, scrap servers, cell phones, and memory chips. These printed circuit boards can also have small amounts of other precious metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, and silver. Turn your bulk printed circuit boards and other electronic scrap into quick cash by contacting CJ Environmental today!

printed circuit boards

Some of the types of Printed Circuit Boards we buy include the following:

Motherboards/ Daughterboards/ Hard Drive Boards

A motherboard is the central printed circuit board in many computers. It holds crucial parts of the system and provides connectors for other peripherals. Modern motherboards include sockets where more microprocessors can be installed, non-volatile memory chips, and slots for expansion cards.

A daughterboard, or a piggyback board, is meant to be an extension, or “daughter,” of a motherboard. These are usually used in computers where expansion cards are used. In simple terms, all computers have motherboards, since motherboards control virtually every function of a computer. But not all computers contain daughter boards. Daughter boards are usually purchased post-production and added later.

In addition to motherboards and daughter boards, all other types of hard drive boards are accepted by CJ Environmental.

Telecommunication Boards/ Miscellaneous Communication Boards/ Pager Boards

One of the most outdated electronic items is the pager. The pager boards within your company’s old pagers could be worth some cash. Pager boards can be considered as the circuit boards of pagers, and they control how pagers work. In addition to pager boards, CJ Environmental also accepts telecommunications boards and miscellaneous communication boards. If your company is in possession of now outdated pagers or either of these boards, send them to CJ Environmental today.

Low Grade Boards/ Green Boards/ Single Boards/ Backplanes

The term “single board” is used to describe a complete computer built on one circuit board. The single board microcontroller is a microcontroller built onto a single printed circuit board. This board provides the circuitry necessary for many useful control tasks, and the intention of such a board is that it is immediately useful to an application developer, without having to develop the controller hardware.

They are low-cost hardware and are often used in education. They’re a great way for amateur developers to gain hands-on experience with working with processors. A backplane is used as the backbone to connect several printed circuit boards together to make up a complete computer system; while some motherboards include a backplane for the addition of cards, a backplane can actually stand alone as an entirely separate entity.

In addition to backplanes and single boards, CJ Environmental accepts your company’s green boards and even low-grade boards. At CJ Environmental, the condition of your company’s electronics does not matter, which is why we are able to take low-grade boards and broken material off your hands.

EPROMs & PCUs (Power Controller Units)

EPROM stands for “erasable programmable read-only memory” and is a type of memory chip used to retain data when its power supply is switched off. Once programmed, an EPROM can only be erased by exposing it to a strong ultra-violet light source. EPROMS are easily recognized by a transparent fused quartz window in the top of the package, through which the silicon chip found within is visible.

EPROMS come in different sizes, both in terms of physical packaging and storage capacities. PCUs, or power controller units, are embedded systems that control one or more of the electrical systems or subsystems in a computer. They are essential for remote power management and control of computer systems.
At CJ Environmental, we are happy to take these types of hard drives, controlling units, and circuit boards off of your company’s hands. If you have old, out of date, broken, or unwanted computers/computer parts taking up space in your office, send us these items today!