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Cash for Gold USA is connected to CJ Environmental, which is one of the nation’s lead precious metal and stone refineries. This means that we deal with such a large quantity of gold on a daily basis that we can afford to offer the same bulk rate to our smaller, private customers as we give to the larger gold scrap dealers – which means major profit for the individual gold seller like yourself!

Cash for Gold USA takes all colors, karats, and varieties of gold. This includes everything from yellow to white gold, as well as gold from 10k to 24k. We accept gold watches, gold coins, gold jewelry, gold bars, gold scrap – as long as it contains gold, we can help you turn it into quick profit!

In addition to the versatility and profitability involved when working with Cash for Gold USA, you’ll find that the process itself is secure and easy. When you contact Cash for Gold USA, we’ll send you a free Safepak, an envelope delivered and insured through FedEx, so you can send us your gold shipment completely free of charge. Once we receive it our appraisers assign your shipment a value, and send you an offer that very same day.

In the event that you are unhappy with your offer, simply decline it and we will send you back your gold at no cost to you. Nothing could be easier!

If you are looking to sell gold to a company that is reputable, timely, and offers a high profit, Cash for Gold USA is the #1 option in the market. We’re sure you’ll agree!