Large DiamondsCJ Environmental knows better than anyone the true value of diamonds, whether you’re talking about sentimental, monetary, ecological, or cultural value. We have made it our business to know these gleaming gems inside and out so that our customers can rest assured that they are getting back the very best dollar return for their large diamonds.

Our diamond experts are extremely skilled in picking out the qualities that determine a diamond’s worth. While large diamonds are generally the most valuable of their kind, we make sure to carefully examine other significant elements under a microscope, like the piece’s cut, clarity, carat value, and color, according to the high standards set by the Gemological Institute of America.

Large diamonds are famously rare (the Hope Diamond being the most celebrated of these) and can fetch very sizeable sums, particularly pure white, well-cut stones with impressive clarity. Our mission is to make sure you get back every cent you deserve in exchange for your large diamonds. Whether they are hand-cut or in their natural states, these rare rocks are in high demand, and CJ Environmental is prepared to pay top-dollar for your large diamonds.