Sell DiamondsWhether large or small, natural or cut, white or colored, in loose form or in jewelry, CJ Environmental wants your diamonds today. Many people have these precious stones rolling around in drawers or jewelry boxes, and if this describes you, it’s high time to do something about it. Lighten the clutter caused by holding on to these jewelry items you never use, and earn some decent cash in one fell swoop.

CJ Environmental is one of America’s foremost companies for buying and refining all kinds of valuable materials, primarily focusing on gold, platinum, silver, materials from various electronic parts, and diamonds in all shapes, forms, and sizes. You barely even have to lift a finger; just ship your diamond items to our facility using our shipping coverage policy, which guarantees that all costs associated with sending us your rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and loose diamonds of every size will be paid for by us, with no buried fees or commissions.

As one of the most beautiful, rare, and sought-after substances in the world, diamonds are in constantly high demand all over the world. They carry an inherent cultural, romantic, economic, and aesthetic value that tops almost every other material in existence. Armed with unparalleled knowledge and integrity, CJ Environmental ensures these gorgeous gems receive their due esteem and our customers receive the highest payment they can for their diamonds.

So if you find yourself with an excess of diamonds and/or diamond jewelry, request a quote and wait to be contacted by one of our representatives!

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