Crumpled Paper

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Would you think twice about dropping a torn piece of scrap paper into a trash can as opposed to recycling it? How about a full sheet of standard notebook paper? An entire newspaper?

Researchers from the University of Alberta have found that the more damaged something appears to be, the more likely people are to throw that thing away. Co-author of the study Jennifer Argo explained that “people are psychologically hard-wired to believe that products that are damaged or that aren’t whole—such as small or ripped paper or dented cans—are useless, and this leads users to trash them rather than recycle.”

Changing the Way We See Our Trash

Interestingly, the same ripped pieces of paper were recycled 80% of the time after participants were asked to use them to perform a creative writing task, the implication being that once the paper was given a purpose, it was then understood to have a value that warranted recycling.

The full results of the study are set to be published in December, and Argo hopes that her research will inform policy and even product design decisions. She believes that if packaging can be kept more intact once it has been opened, then people will be more likely to recycle it than if it had been torn to shreds.

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