Entrepreneurs Plan to Mine Asteroids for Precious Metals

May 16, 2012

Asteroid Mining for Precious MetalsAsteroids have always been intriguing to scientists, aerospace engineers, science fiction writers and futurists, but they’ve recently become increasingly more attractive to tech billionaires. Asteroids, known to contain tons of precious metals, have been the focal point of Planetary Resources, Inc. The venture, made up of a group of extremely wealthy and adventurous entrepreneurs, plans to send swarms of robots to outer space, where they will scout asteroids for precious metals, set up mines, and return to Earth with tons of precious metal resources.

In addition to bringing back valuable precious metals, the robots will add trillions of dollars to the GDP and pave the way for future human space exploration and settlement. While there are plenty of resources available on Earth, they are nothing compared to the amount of precious resources available elsewhere in the solar system. Nearly 9,000 asteroids exceeding 150 feet in diameter are in orbit near the Earth, and some contain as much platinum as is mined in nearly one year on Earth. Potentially, these asteroids could be worth several billion dollars each. For those willing to take the right kinds of risk, the pay-off could be immense.

Most investors have been turned off to the idea of space mining due to long-term scales and uncertain returns on asteroid mining. Although the promise of astronomical profits is enough to lure in investors, the risk is often more than enough to turn them away almost as quickly. Technically, the endeavor is feasible, but the necessary technology has yet to be developed. Planetary Resources Inc. would specifically target the platinum-group metals: platinum, palladium, osmium and iridium. These highly valuable commodities are used in medical devices, renewable energy products, catalytic converters, and down the line perhaps even automotive fuel cells.

Platinum alone is worth over $20,000 a pound, which is nearly the same price as gold. Mining only the top few feet of an asteroid containing precious metals could yield around 130 tons of platinum, worth about $6 billion on the market. Within the next two years, Planetary Resources, Inc. hopes to launch telescopes that will identify potentially valuable asteroids. Five years down the line, the business venture hopes to send out a small swarm of spacecraft for a more detailed prospective mission. The company is tight-lipped about how they actually plan to use robots to mine, and this is the most difficult phase.

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Get Reliable Cash for Diamond Jewelry Online

November 2, 2011

As the world forges further into the Information Age, people around the globe are finding that the rate at which they can attain information has grown exponentially in the past twenty years. The information that used to take hours, days, and sometimes weeks to obtain can be found in mere seconds with the Internet so easily available to record amounts of Americans. With every passing year, Internet service is getting better, search engines are becoming more efficient, and more and more information is being placed online. With all of these developments in placing as little fuss between people and the information they seek, Americans are finding that their time has become much more valuable.

This has influenced online commerce in a particular strong manner. More and more people every day are finding that conducting their transactions online is the best option, not only for simple convenience, but because the time they save can be spent on something else. This is why many Americans who are looking to sell diamond jewelry have consistently turned to CJ Environmental. CJ Environmental has accommodated this desire for speedy and effective online transactions better than all of their competitors for over a decade, and this has led to CJ Environmental’s designation as one of the most trusted websites to get cash for diamond jewelry, old or new.

Those who are looking to receive cash for their diamond jewelry will be pleased to know that the entire process is simple and easy. One must simply fill out a short form at CJ Environmental’s web page, and a free Fedex shipping label will be emailed within 24 hours. Not only is shipping free, but the package will be insured by a third party for the package’s estimated value. The customer is issued a tracking number to further ensure that the customer is never left in the dark, and CJ Environmental will notify the customer once the package has been received.

The value of the package will be based on the weight and purity of the metals and/or diamonds sent, and the opening prices on the day of the melt. If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the estimate, they have a full fourteen days from the date the check was issued to return it and receive their materials in the mail. CJ Environmental has a 100% satisfaction guarantee in all of their dealings, further minimizing the need to worry.

As one of the most trusted commerce website for selling diamond jewelry, gold, or silver, CJ Environmental caters to the modern person who highly values his or her time. CJ Environmental will make sure that a person’s time is not wasted, and that the amount of cash they receive for their diamond jewelry is not compromised in the process.



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Diamond Selling Advice for First Time Sellers

October 31, 2011

A diamond is forever, but sometimes forever is a little inconvenient. Maybe you inherited your great grandfather’s diamond watch that is four sizes too big and is never going to be worn. Maybe your old necklace is the last token of a certain someone that you no longer spend time with, and you’re ready to move on (their loss). Or maybe that fresh new exercise plan has gotten you looking so svelte and slim that your diamond bracelet is just too clunky. So you come to the conclusion that you want to sell your unwanted jewelry in exchange for some quick cash.

After doing some initial research you realize that there are plenty of diamond buyers who would be interested in your piece, but how do you know you’re getting the right price? It’s a confusing market, and especially if you are a first time seller, you might have no idea where to begin. Thankfully, CJ Environmental has been the nation’s most trusted metals and jewel buyer since 1975, meaning you can sell your unwanted diamond jewelry in good confidence and with peace of mind. None of the worry that you’re getting scammed, and none of the hassle of finding and hiring an appraiser just so you can get the money you’re looking for.  At CJ Environmental we pride ourselves on being honest and fair in order to give our clients the money they deserve for their unwanted jewelry.

When we buy your diamonds, the process is simple. Just fill out your request for a free shipping label from FedEx with your personal information, and within 24 hours, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping envelope. We completely cover the cost of shipping and handling and we insure your envelope for the estimated worth (verified by a third party), so you don’t need to worry about it at all.

You can even track your envelope to ensure its safety and delivery. Once we process your materials, you’ll receive a check in the mail. It’s that easy! And here’s the best part… if for any reason you’re not satisfied with what you’ve been offered, you have 14 days from the date the check was issued to return it and get your materials back in the mail. You’ve got the security of one of the most trusted diamond buyers on the market, plus the freedom to change your mind. Feel free to contact us at your convenience with any questions.

There is one tricky part about the diamond jewelry exchange process, which is figuring out what exactly you want to do with the extra cash you receive. A few recommendations… maybe take that cruise you’ve always wanted to go on? Buy that sleek new car you’ve been admiring? Or maybe revamp that wardrobe that’s been feeling a little tired? No matter what you decide to go with, it’ll be nice to have the freedom of some extra cash from diamond buyers you can trust.

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A Little Homework Will Pay Dividends When Selling Diamonds

October 31, 2011

There have been a variety of web sites popping up on the Internet offering consumers cash for diamonds. CJ Environmental has been in business for 35 years and has provided customers with over 250,000 successful transactions. Many sites are essentially offering the same thing — a quick and easy way for a cash-strapped consumer to convert old and unwanted diamond jewelry and loose diamonds into spendable money. But one should be aware that choosing a reputable company is key to getting the price you deserve.

The most important consideration is how long the company has been in business and does it have a good reputation. Consumers should use sites that have been in business at least five years. With the recent rise is the price of precious metals, and lot of fly-by-night operations have come online to try and take advantage of these tough economic times when so many people are unemployed and need to raise money to stay afloat.

When selling diamond jewelry, keep in mind that it may not be the diamonds that make the jewelry valuable. With the recent skyrocketing of the price of gold and silver, it is entirely possible that the jewelry that the diamonds are set in is more valuable than the diamonds themselves. While diamonds can be highly subjective in how they are priced, it is less the case when it comes to precious metals, which are valued by the weight and purity. Diamonds, on the other hand, are valued by the four C’s — cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Cut refers to the facets of the diamond and how they reflect light. According to the Diamond Buying Guide, the cut is the most important factor that determines the price of a diamond. A diamond that is poorly cut will not reflect light, or sparkle, the way diamonds are supposed to. Cut does not refer to the shape, which is the overall outline of the diamond. Examples of diamond shape are round, emerald, or pear.

It takes an experienced professional to assess the value of diamonds, so when selecting an online web site to sell diamonds, make sure that the site is using an experienced and certified gemologist to conduct the appraisal of your diamonds so that you get the best price and get the most cash. CJ Environmental runs CashforDiamondsUSA which has a GIA certified appraiser on staff so you know your precious jewels are being treated with the utmost care.


How do I Avoid “Blood Diamonds” or “Conflict Diamonds”?

October 31, 2011

While the typical retail buyer of diamond jewelry isn’t concerned with wars in Africa when at the jewelry counter, it is important for everyone to have some awareness that in the past, trade in rough diamonds have financed rebel wars that have caused untold amounts of suffering. Thanks to concerted international action, when consumers go to buy diamonds, they can be reasonably assured that their purchase is not being used to purchase arms in conflict-torn countries.


There was a time when someone went to buy diamond jewelry, there was significant chance that their purchase was the end of the line for a diamond that was mined by hand in a poverty stricken country in the midst of civil war. In 1999, one of the leading exporters of what came to be known as “conflict diamonds” or “blood diamonds” was UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola), a political party that was engaged in a vicious civil war in Angola. The role of the diamond trade in financing the Angolan civil war was exposed in a report by Global Witness, which highlighted that the global diamond market was largely controlled by one company in one city — De Beers in Antwerp.


Even though U.N. resolutions were in place that banned the sale of blood diamonds from places like Angola, there was no way for a diamond buyer to know where a diamond came from, even if it was common knowledge that a trader was dealing with UNITAS. After Global Witness published its report, the international diamond industry began to hold meetings to address ways to strengthen record keeping to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds. In 2002, the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme was adopted as a means of certifying that a diamond does not come from a banned conflict zone.


Since 2002, all major diamond producing and trading countries have joined the Kimberley Process and the trade in conflict diamonds has been drastically cut to the point that the typical consumer can be rest assured that they are not financing a war in Africa.


The Kimberley Process has also helped poor countries to develop their legitimate diamond trade. Sierra Leone, which was once a source of conflict diamonds, joined the Kimberley Process in 2007 and now has a thriving and legitimate diamond trade that is helping to reduce poverty in the country.


Of course, if you are looking to buy “conflict free” diamonds, one way to do so is to buy an older or estate jewelry piece.

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Selling Your Diamond Jewelry Online is Fast and Easy

October 31, 2011

With the historic rise in the price of precious metals, a lot of attention is now being paid to diamond jewelry as a source of ready cash. Many people are asking themselves if now is a good time to sell diamond jewelry. The answer is, “Yes” — now is a good time for selling diamond jewelry. The next question is,  “how to sell diamonds?”


There are several web sites that are making it easy and convenient for those who are selling diamond jewelry. One of them is CashForDiamondsUSA.com, which will send you a pre-paid Fedex packing envelope which you can use to send them your unwanted diamond jewelry. Within a few days of receiving your jewelry, they will assess its value and send you a check, which you can either cash, or if you are not satisfied with the price, you can ask them to return your jewelry.


The key to getting the best price for your diamond jewelry is to have realistic expectations about how much your diamond jewelry is truly worth in the marketplace. If you are expecting to get close to what you paid at the jewelry store, think again. Even though you paid retail, the best you can hope to get for your diamond jewelry is something less than the wholesale price. That being said, prices have risen dramatically in the last few years. If the jewelry was purchased many years ago, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much the jewelry is worth. The price of diamonds has increased in the last few years, but the price of gold and silver has skyrocketed. So even though the diamond may not be worth much, the setting alone could be worth a lot.


Diamonds have never been seriously considered a worthwhile investment vehicle. There are many factors that go into the price of diamonds, and one of the foremost factors is fashion. The value of diamonds is influenced by the popularity of their cut and color, as well as the carat (weight) and clarity. Also, diamonds are considered a luxury good  that rises and falls with income. When times are good and people are feeling secure about spending on luxury, then the price of diamonds tend to rise. When times are bad and people are feeling insecure, then they tend to defer their purchase of diamond jewelry. Gold and silver, on the other hand, is viewed as a form of investment that increases in value when the economy goes bad.



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The Process of Recycling Diamonds

March 18, 2011

Are you holding on to any old, broken, antique, or unwanted diamonds?  Have you considered looking through your house in order to check if there happens to be any diamond jewelry you may not be using anymore?

Due to the rockiness of the current economic climate, the prices of commodities have skyrocketed, and that includes diamonds.  What this means for the average consumer is that the time is ripe to sell your precious metals and stones if you have any on hand that you may have been meaning to part with.  Or even if you haven’t been thinking about selling any of your jewelry, the current prices may give you pause and make you reconsider your opinion on the subject.

The reason why the prices of commodities are so high in the current arena is due to the tendencies of investors.  Normally, investors would sink their assets into economies and businesses, giving startups capital in hopes to see exponential gains when the businesses in question started to generate revenue.  However, in recent years the economy has become uncertain and investors are more hesitant to give money to startups.  They are also leery of putting their money into paper currency, given the world economy’s modern tendency to flux.

As we all know, the paper that currency is printed on is worth next to nothing in its own right.  Rather, what makes money worth anything at all is the strength of the country’s economy that is backing the currency.  Even the traditionally strong paper currencies such as the US dollar or the Euro have been taking hits recently, making investors shy away from placing their assets in the paper currency market.

In lieu of paper currency, investors have been turning back to the commodities of precious metals and stones.  These command an inherent value. Not only is the piece of diamond jewelry you have worth something due to its beauty and craftsmanship, the gold, diamonds, and other precious metals and stones that went into the work also command a price.

Since investors have revitalized their interest in commodities recently, the prices that commodities demand have also gone up.  The reason behind this is due to simple economics: when the demand for commodities goes up, the supply must necessarily go down.  When the supply of commodities lowers, the price rises accordingly.  Thus, now is a perfect time to sell your old, broken, unwanted, and antique diamonds, as you will see a greater return on them as compared to ever before.

But what, exactly, is the process of recycling diamonds?  That is, of course, what the business of Cash for Diamonds USA is – we take your diamonds, refine them, and sell the ore to interested investors.  Here we outline the process of your diamonds coming to us and ultimately being shipped out to the investor.

First, you contact Cash for Diamonds USA either through the simple field on our website or you can call us by phone.  After, we send you an absolutely free FedEx shipping label.  It doesn’t matter how large or small your shipment of diamonds is – we work in bulk capacity, so we can handle anything.  If you have special needs in regards to shipping – for example, if you have an extremely large shipment of diamonds – contact us and we will provide a special shipment process for you.

We at Cash for Diamonds USA understand that you may be a little wary about sending your diamonds through the mail.  After all, diamonds are a high-ticket item and the idea of theft may concern you.  However, this is why we work through FedEx, which is a trusted shipping company – and in addition to the protection that FedEx offers, all of our shipping labels are insured.  They even come with a tracking number so you can follow your diamonds from your door to ours with no trouble.  We have never lost a commodity shipment in all our years of operation, so you can rest easy that your diamonds will make it to us safely.

After we receive your diamond shipment, we then have our team of appraisers look at the diamonds in order to give you a fair price.  Our appraisers are certified, so you are assured of an expert’s opinion regarding your diamonds.  This is why we are able to offer such good prices even on old or broken pieces of jewelry – the profit you receive from your diamonds is based off of the diamond’s cut, clarity, and karat, not off of the physical appearance.

Once your diamond has been appraised, we then cut you a check for the amount the appraiser says that the diamond is worth.  We can also send you the payment via PayPal if you would prefer to have your money sent to you electronically.  Using PayPal also dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes for your payment to arrive.

After you have been paid and you are satisfied with the arrangement, we process your diamonds, separating the diamond ore from the other precious (or not precious) metals that may come along with the shipment.  Once the ore has been refined and polished, we then sell it off to investors who are interested in collecting diamond ore.

This is the full process of how we at Cash for Diamonds USA work.  We take you easily through the entire diamond recycling process from soup to nuts, from diamonds to cash!