The Psychology of Recycling

September 4, 2013

Crumpled Paper

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Would you think twice about dropping a torn piece of scrap paper into a trash can as opposed to recycling it? How about a full sheet of standard notebook paper? An entire newspaper?

Researchers from the University of Alberta have found that the more damaged something appears to be, the more likely people are to throw that thing away. Co-author of the study Jennifer Argo explained that “people are psychologically hard-wired to believe that products that are damaged or that aren’t whole—such as small or ripped paper or dented cans—are useless, and this leads users to trash them rather than recycle.”

Changing the Way We See Our Trash

Interestingly, the same ripped pieces of paper were recycled 80% of the time after participants were asked to use them to perform a creative writing task, the implication being that once the paper was given a purpose, it was then understood to have a value that warranted recycling.

The full results of the study are set to be published in December, and Argo hopes that her research will inform policy and even product design decisions. She believes that if packaging can be kept more intact once it has been opened, then people will be more likely to recycle it than if it had been torn to shreds.

CJ Environmental Makes Recycling Easy

At CJ Environmental, we want to help you make the most of your old and broken gold and silver jewelry, your electronic scrap, and your unwanted cell phones. Instead of either throwing it in the trash or letting it take up space in a closet or drawer, you can sell your precious metals and electronic scrap to us. We will take care of recycling everything in an environmentally friendly manner for you, and you will get cash in return. For more information on how to start selling your precious metals and electronic scrap for cash, request a quote today.

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How Gold Is Refined

October 12, 2012

Gold RefiningPhoto by: Joe Flintham |

Though many of us own gold jewelry and wear it proudly, hardly a thought is generally given to the process by which our rings and bracelets were made, let alone how the gold itself was refined. The British company Capella recently gave Professional Jeweller (sic, British English spelling) an inside look at its refining process, shedding an interesting light on the items that are sent to the refinery, the way that the precious-metal content of those items is then tested, and finally how they are refined.

What is Being Refined?

Capella’s managing director Kevin Bloor explained that the refinery performs stone-recovery services, recycles metals, and makes bullion in addition to its refining services. While Capella used to deal primarily with pure metals and bullion, recent fluctuations in the prices of precious metals have led to a higher percentage of scrap being brought in to be refined. A number of UK-based manufacturers and designers are taking advantage of Capella’s services, bringing in scrap that can be turned into products made with locally recycled metals.

The refinery has also noticed an increase in the number of people scrapping their jewelry for cash instead of holding on to it for what are probably sentimental reasons. With most people’s current economic situations, the prospect of having cash rather than the old bracelet they inherited is an enticing one.

The Refining Process

Once an item arrives at the refinery, the first order of business is to determine its alloy. The tests range from using magnets to detect any metal that is not precious to using a radiation machine to determine the metal’s purity. Interestingly, many customers find that they have been mislead in regard to the precious metal content of their jewelry. For example, a necklace with a hallmark near the clasp declaring it to be 9 karat gold may actually be made primarily of a base metal while just the clasp contains the advertised gold content. Items of value are kept to be refined and the rest are given back to the customer, who has the option of receiving cash for their valuable precious metal or having it returned as a bar for investment.

Metals that are kept to be refined are then melted and subject to a complex electrolyte process that takes several days to create a final product that is 99.99% pure gold. Capella has the capacity to refine almost 450 pounds of gold every week. Bloor enjoys knowing people use his service to take something old and give it new life.

If you have any kind of precious metal scrap that you would like to trade in for gold, you can ship it directly to CJ Environmental to be refined. We will cover the associated shipping and processing costs—all you need to do it send in your unwanted precious metal scrap, whether it be sterling silver jewelry or gold coins, and wait for your cash in return.

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Entrepreneurs Plan to Mine Asteroids for Precious Metals

May 16, 2012

Asteroid Mining for Precious MetalsAsteroids have always been intriguing to scientists, aerospace engineers, science fiction writers and futurists, but they’ve recently become increasingly more attractive to tech billionaires. Asteroids, known to contain tons of precious metals, have been the focal point of Planetary Resources, Inc. The venture, made up of a group of extremely wealthy and adventurous entrepreneurs, plans to send swarms of robots to outer space, where they will scout asteroids for precious metals, set up mines, and return to Earth with tons of precious metal resources.

In addition to bringing back valuable precious metals, the robots will add trillions of dollars to the GDP and pave the way for future human space exploration and settlement. While there are plenty of resources available on Earth, they are nothing compared to the amount of precious resources available elsewhere in the solar system. Nearly 9,000 asteroids exceeding 150 feet in diameter are in orbit near the Earth, and some contain as much platinum as is mined in nearly one year on Earth. Potentially, these asteroids could be worth several billion dollars each. For those willing to take the right kinds of risk, the pay-off could be immense.

Most investors have been turned off to the idea of space mining due to long-term scales and uncertain returns on asteroid mining. Although the promise of astronomical profits is enough to lure in investors, the risk is often more than enough to turn them away almost as quickly. Technically, the endeavor is feasible, but the necessary technology has yet to be developed. Planetary Resources Inc. would specifically target the platinum-group metals: platinum, palladium, osmium and iridium. These highly valuable commodities are used in medical devices, renewable energy products, catalytic converters, and down the line perhaps even automotive fuel cells.

Platinum alone is worth over $20,000 a pound, which is nearly the same price as gold. Mining only the top few feet of an asteroid containing precious metals could yield around 130 tons of platinum, worth about $6 billion on the market. Within the next two years, Planetary Resources, Inc. hopes to launch telescopes that will identify potentially valuable asteroids. Five years down the line, the business venture hopes to send out a small swarm of spacecraft for a more detailed prospective mission. The company is tight-lipped about how they actually plan to use robots to mine, and this is the most difficult phase.

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Choose a Reputable Company to Get the Best Cash Offer for Your Gold Jewelry

October 24, 2011

If you have dreams of getting lots of cash for gold jewelry, make those dreams a reality by doing business with one of the most reputable jewelry exchange companies in the nation. You may be apprehensive after hearing horror story after horror story about customers selling gold jewelry and being taken advantage of by whichever company they may have trusted their valuables with. You may even have worries about your gold jewelry being lost in the mail or even being stolen by the company you’re sending it to. You may be completely unaware of the current value of gold, and are unsure of how to find out.

Luckily, there is a company that takes all these qualms into consideration. Luckily, there is a company that is one in a million and actually values the customer over their own personal monetary gain. In today’s dog eat dog world, that principle is virtually unheard of and may seem like part of an outdated business model. But, this company prides themselves on maintaining respect for their clients. It may seem hard to believe but there is a company that seems to do it all, so you don’t have to. They want you to sell jewelry to them, so they take the struggle out of it.

CJ Environmental is a company that allows the customer to track their shipments from their local post office to their corporate office in Sharon, Massachusetts. This company covers virtually every cost such a transaction may cause. They don’t want you paying for the shipping and processing fees out of your own pocket, so they offer these services at no charge. They also include a value chart for gold, silver, and platinum so you know how much it’s worth before you consider selling gold jewelry. This company offers 100% customer satisfaction, and prides itself on being one of the oldest and most reputable cash for gold jewelry companies in the market. If this company sounds like a company you’d be proud to do business with, then check out CJ Environmental’s Cash For Gold USA site. Get the respect, and money, you deserve.

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Don’t Regret Your Transaction: Choose the Best Cash For Gold Company

October 24, 2011

Do you consistently find yourself entering words like “cash for gold scam” or “gold scams” into the web-search bar, hoping to find enough complaints and news articles to talk you out of taking part in a gold exchange? Are you worried that nobody can be trusted and if you venture out into the risky world of cash for gold exchanges you’ll become another faceless victim added to the cash for gold scams list? Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, thinking of all the unwanted jewelry piling up in your drawers and whether or not you could lose it all in a cash for gold scam? If so, you’re not alone. Any business venture is a risky one, especially one where your valuables and finances come into play. In today’s economy, who ISN’T out to make an easy buck? Just don’t let that easy money be at your expense.

Wouldn’t it make sense to do business with a company that prides themselves on being respected in the industry? Shouldn’t you be doing business with a company with a long history of performing jewelry and gold exchanges? CJ Environmental doesn’t want you to become another victim of a cash for gold scam. They are a company dedicated to giving the customer what they deserve: respect, excellent customer service, and a simple and cost-effective transaction.

Their website is clean, and so is their business history. This company has no history of gold scams, customer satisfaction is always their top priority, and no job is too big or too small. They offer convenient package tracking so the customer will always know where exactly their valuables are at all times. All costs are taken care of, everything from the shipping costs to the processing fees. So stop trying to talk yourself out of getting cash for your gold and do business with a company that can be trusted. You won’t regret it.

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CJ Environmental: The Answer to Your Jewelry Exchange Questions

October 19, 2011

With a growth in the number of companies advertising their jewelry exchange services online, combined with the various news reports about protecting yourself from scams, the average consumer may feel bombarded by the plethora of services and completely misguided by which to choose. The question of which gold exchange company to perform business with is on the minds’ of all potential jewelry exchange customers, as it should be, and many are completely unsure of  which is the best for them and their own personal needs. Many may seem too good to be true, and others may seem not good enough.


While the price of gold seems to constantly be fluctuating, it is crucial for consumers to receive the most revenue for their unwanted jewelry. In order for this to happen, it is important for consumers to do business with an honest and reliable jewelry exchange company. CJ Environmental prides themselves on being both trustworthy and professional. A perusal of their website will showcase their professional business model and a brief history of their knowledge and experience in the gold exchange market.


If you have drawers of unwanted jewelry, or are simply trying to get rid of a single item, no job is too large, too small, or too far away for this company. Consumers participating in a jewelry exchange may worry about the safety of their valuables while in the mail, so this site offers a complimentary tracking system which tracks your valuables from your house to their final destination. They even offer a free shipping label, and cover the shipping and insurance costs so you don’t have to pay for these out of your own pocket. And, as an added bonus, they will personally contact you once your shipment is received so you can rest assured knowing your valuables are in good hands. If you’re looking for an easy and safe way to get the most money possible in a jewelry exchange, then look no further.

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Want To Sell Your Cash for Gold? Do It Safely!

October 19, 2011

If you’re looking to receive high amounts of cash for gold, are tired of the incessant “cash 4 gold” commercials you seem to hear on an almost daily basis, and are looking for the most amount of money in your pocket with the least amount of effort required on your part, there is a one-stop shop created just for you.

We know what you’re thinking. No, it’s not a local pawn shop. And it’s not an expensive gold buyer, either. You won’t get ripped off, and this isn’t “just another” scam. It’s a simple website dedicated to buying your gold for cash, no matter how worn or broken your gold may be, with the least amount of effort necessary on both fronts. There’s no jumping through multiple hoops to get the attention of a jewel evaluator, and there’s no wasting half a tank of gas driving from pawn shop to pawn shop looking for the highest offer. Gone are the days of the customer feeling helpless and lost in the world of receiving cash for gold.

CJ Environmental is one of the easiest and most consumer-friendly cash for gold websites out there. They offer a toll free phone number, convenient package tracking, and an in-depth description of their services, as well as an entire segment of their website dedicated to recent gold news and info. With entire news stories dedicated to helping the consumer find the worth of their gold, it is becoming an increasingly important part of modern-day commodity investments and trading.

Unfortunately, knowing how much your gold is worth before entering into a cash for gold transaction seems to be the sole responsibility of the customer. At times, it may seem like too much to handle and you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, companies like CJ Environmental take the burden off your shoulders and provide you with a quick and easy way to educate yourself and make the best possible cash for gold decision, both in the present and future.

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CJ Environmental: The Right Gold Buyer For You

October 19, 2011

Do you find yourself consistently looking for trustworthy gold buyers? Is the “We Buy Gold” sign in the window of the local pawn shop growing increasingly more tempting but just not cutting it? Are you worried about being suckered into getting less money than you deserve? In an economy where gold is a hot commodity, finding someone to buy gold jewelry isn’t the issue at hand. The issue is finding someone to buy gold for what it’s worth, instead of taking advantage of you and giving you far less than what you deserve while giving themselves a little extra.

A simple web-search will produce hundreds of websites, links, and discussion forums of those who claim to be gold buyers and who are willing to buy gold jewelry. But, just because someone from a random company claims “we buy gold” doesn’t necessarily mean they are actually trustworthy enough to do business with. In an economy where everyone seems to be making far less than they have grown used to, scam artists and unsavory characters seem to be running rampant. In that same simple web-search, you may also find multiple horror stories and scorned consumers who claim to be the most recent victims of a “we buy gold” scam.

Wouldn’t it be best to do business with a company that boasts a long history of excellence and an international reputation in the expansive precious metal community? Isn’t a company that has been around for almost forty years a better choice than a random website with virtually no information provided about the origins or business model of the company? Do you like doing business with professionals and avoid questionable situations at all costs? If you answered yes to these questions, selling your gold to a company that prides itself on honesty, straightforwardness and professionalism may be the best route for you.

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Why Selling Scrap Gold to Refineries is More Profitable than Selling to Pawn Shops

March 18, 2011

People are always looking for ways to get more money. One such way is to sell unwanted and used gold jewelry. Often, local establishments, such jewelry stores and pawn shops are selected, and they do bring the seller some extra money for their unwanted jewelry. However, recent economic developments have led many to realize that selling scrap amounts of gold, such as that in jewelry, to refineries, is much more profitable selling the items to pawn shops.

The reason for this is the recent spike in the price of gold. Gold is worth more than it has been in over 30 years. During the 1980’s, the price of gold spiked as it did a couple years ago, leading to a frenzy for gold, among other precious metals. At present, the price of gold has exceeded $1000 per ounce. Accordingly, it can be seen that the gold market has changed in such a way, that many quantities of scrap gold are worth more for their intrinsic value based on their composition, than they are for the product that they are.

For jewelry, this means that selling to a refinery that will process the gold for its precious metal composition, is much more profitable than selling to a pawn shop or a jewelry store. This is because these establishments are paying for the object as it is, and they simply intend to resell the object, as it is. Fashion changes over time, so while a piece of gold jewelry may have been expensive to buy, if it is out of style, a pawn shop will be unwilling to purchase it for what one may have paid for it.

However, when that piece of gold jewelry was purchased, the buyer may have unwittingly made an amazing commodity investment. With prices of over $1000 per ounce, the value of that piece of jewelry for the worth of its content may far exceed its worth as an article of fashion. In order to receive the best price for it, however, the potential commodities trader must find the appropriate market venue for selling the gold. Even if a pawn shop is willing to buy the jewelry for its gold content, with an aim to selling to a refinery, they can prove to be an unnecessary middleman.

Thankfully, companies have arisen to meet this market need. Sites like CashforGoldUSA have created a streamlined process for receiving, processing, refining, and paying for large amounts of scrap gold. Clients are offered the convenience of free FedEx shipping that is insured for up $1000 to their processing facilities. Then, after 24 hours, the company will send a check for the amount of gold that they have appraised to be in the shipment that they received. This amount is not based on the scrap gold’s worth as jewelry or any other product. This amount is based on the current market price of gold.

Since the price of gold has risen to such an incredible height, this opportunity allows potential sellers of scrap gold the ability to cash in on this price spike. While other refineries may offer similar services, their overhead costs are so high that the profit of selling scrap gold can be significantly diminished. By selling to refineries like CashForGoldUSA, potential sellers will be able to get something closer to the real market value.

Selling to pawn shops now seems like an almost silly arrangement, where incredibly valuable material is sold for prices that do not reflect its real, intrinsic value. By selling to refineries that are set up to exclusively process scrap gold, the actual value of gold will be reflected in the sell that is made.

Various Ways to Recover Gold

March 18, 2011

With the buying price for gold reaching record highs, many people want to know how they can benefit from selling gold. It may sound difficult to know where to look, but those who are hoping to earn some money by selling gold will be pleased to know they do not have to go to the mountains in search of the valuable material. Instead, one can look all around them, as everyday items contain pieces of gold.

One way to obtain gold is to extract gold from a computer you no longer use; in fact, there are multiple areas inside a computer that will provide you with gold pieces. The easiest way to extract gold is to use a window scraper and scrape the gold found on the edges of connectors and fingers in the computer. Ensure that you hold your hand below the area you are scraping so you will catch some of the dust and small pieces that fall from the scraper.

If you only want to extract gold and no other type of precious material (silver, platinum, copper, iron, and so on), then you may want to dissolve non-gold materials in hydrochloric acid that you find inside the computer. Parts such as motherboards, hard drives, RAM, and so on can be dissolved if you want to find gold using this quick and easy process. Just make sure you research the use of chemicals and take every possible safety precaution.

There are other electronics that contain a substantial amount of gold as well. Televisions, radios, cell phones, and even refrigerators contain a fair amount of gold that can earn you a large sum of money over time. The first step is to remove the outer casing from the electronic item. Use whatever tools necessary to achieve this (screwdrivers, pliers, and so on). Once the casing is removed, scrape any gold residue off with your screwdriver. Collect the gold residue inside of a bowl and keep it until you decide to sell the material.

If you wish to discover gold in nature in the same vein as the 49ers of the 1840’s California gold rush, panning is the easiest way to do so. However, to find gold in the modern world you will need a little help via a metal detector (this is due to gold deposits being scattered out because of land development). With your metal detector on, pan the metal detector around placer deposits (these are found in a stream or in gravel with dry sand), lode or hard rock deposits in a vein within mixed materials, and various metal nuggets that can be found by themselves in nature or in a placer deposit. When your metal detector alerts you of a finding, extract the metal from its location. While finding gold in this way can warrant more false findings than not, it is still a tried and true alternative to finding gold.

If you have used a cell phone for a few years, then you probably have an old cell phone sitting around you no longer need. These have a plethora of gold inside them as well. Simply open the cell phone with the proper screwdriver and use the “scraping” technique used in extracting gold from other electronics. Eventually, you will extract all of the gold from the cell phone and will have more gold in your possession.
These are just a few ways you can obtain gold from a variety of sources. There are many more, and as you continue your quest for gold you will learn of new ways to extract gold. With gold higher than it has been in years, there is no reason not to try your hand at a modern form of mining.